For the intentional couple

Oahu Wedding Officiant

I live my life in accordance to my own truth and I encourage others to do the same! This manifests itself in the way that I officiate weddings. I stray from tradition and focus on the present moment experience for each couple. And... I craft each ceremony with care to speak to your love and what your commitment means to you as a couple.

I have noticed that in our society, the focus is more about the wedding day and less about the commitment of partnership. Marriage is also an  institution full of many heteronormative ideals and roles that simply do NOT work for everyone. I'm here to disrupt that! :)

Bottom line for me: The idea of  "Marriage" means something different to each couple, and I honor and supporting you in CELEBRATING it.

My years as a yoga facilitator and domestic violence worker inform the way that I officiate each ceremony. My background in yoga facilitation is what makes me stress the importance of being an "intentional couple"  I focus on bringing you into the present moment so that you can appreciate the sacredness of your ceremony. And, my background working with survivors of domestic violence has allowed me to understand the power of what happens when humans claim their own joy. Officiating your ceremonies allows me the honor to be a part of so many people claiming their joy.

About ME

Not your typical officiant