Unique Hawaii Wedding Ideas

Couple is barefoot after getting married on a cliff above the ocean in Hawaii.

Let’s talk about some unique ideas for your wedding ceremony in Hawaii

Bigger isn’t always better. Most of the couples who I work with these days are looking for unique and intentional wedding ideas. They are looking for ways to have their ceremony be special and feel like THEM. Some of the benefits of this being the focus is that that you can create a way more relaxed vibe, and that you get so much more quality time with each one of your guests! And OF COURSE smaller weddings give you a lot more wiggle room with your budget so you can get creative with some of the things that YOU as a couple really care about. Below are some ideas about how to make your Hawaii wedding ceremony unique.

Ground yourselves before the wedding ceremony

I truly feel like grounding before your ceremony is the way of the future. This idea will make your wedding super unique! Hire a yoga facilitator (or an officiant who is a yoga facilitator, like me!) who will come and lead a little yoga or breath-work session for you and your partner and/or guests! (This would be before everyone gets ready). This sets the tone for your day to have as relaxed vibes as possible!

A couple and their friends practice yoga before their unique wedding ceremony in Hawaii.

Surround yourselves with love, make your Hawaii wedding unique

Switch up the traditional guest-seating situation and have your guests surround you in a circle or semi-circle! Or, have everybody gather around standing (as long as they are able to of course!)

Do the ceremony barefoot!

We’re talking barefoot n bougie vibes over here! This is another way to be present, ground yourself and connect with the earth during your ceremony!

A couple walks barefoot towards their wedding ceremony on the beach in Hawaii

Keep the wedding food special & casual

Hire a food truck to cater your day. Order pizza! Or set up the food picnic style! You can also cut bar prices by picking up packs of beer/drinks and setting them up for your guests.

Wedding picnic set up with pillows, tables, and blankets on the ground
A couple enjoys a unique picnic with a view on their wedding day in Hawaii.

Think outside of the box with your Hawaii wedding ideas

Your wedding can literally be whatever you want it to be! For smaller and more intimate ceremonies you can get married say… in a park! Then you could have picnic or go out to eat. Then you could bring everyone to the club and party the night away there!

The Bottom Line!

The bottom line is is it YOUR wedding day. Do whatever you want, be intentional & make it as unique to you as possible. If you want to make your wedding day happen in Hawai’i, check me out! I am a wedding officiant based in Oahu, Hawai’i here to make your non-traditional, unique wedding dreams come true. I also offer elopement services through my sister company called Wild and Free Elopements!

Couples photos courtesy of Chelsea Stratso Photography.